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Best Online Casino Payment Methods- USA Deposit Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

If you are that player that is looking to move from playing at land-based casinos to online casinos then this is the best place to be. When you are making that transition you need to find both the best online casino and the best payment method to use. To be able to deposit easily and quickly is very important. Many payment methods are offered by online casinos. Some you can use for depositing only whilst others you can use for both depositing and withdrawing. Because there are many deposit methods used by different casinos we have made it easier for you. We have reviewed the best casino sites and the best payment methods that you can use today.

Banking At Online Casinos

There was a time were banking online Was seen as something very suspicious. Today it has become one of the best and most trusted ways to make online transactions. This is because it is easy and quick too. Those playing online casinos nowadays find it very easy to make their payments.  The payment methods that are available for them to use are accessible, comfortable such that you have no reason to go to a bank. You can simply do it all in the comfort of your home. Many online payment methods Are accepted at online casinos. These include:

Popular Payment Methods

There are different types of payment methods. There are cards and there are also e-wallets methods. we are going to talk about these methods so our readers can decide on which one they would want to choose depending on the casinos they are playing at.

Credit And Debit Cards

Sending money to an online casino account using debit or credit cards is quite easy. This is because there are many popular and reputable cards that you can use to do so. These cards include Visa, MasterCards as well as American Express. To use these cards at an online casino, you simply have to find your way to the casino payment page. Fill out the required details and submit your payment. Always remember that using the cards come with a little fee. Let’s take a look at some of the popular credit and Debit cards.

  1. Visa

    This is the most popular card used online. With Visa cards, you can make any type of payments online including depositing and withdrawing at an online casino. This payment method has managed to maintain its status and reputation. It remains the largest and most successful payment method all over the world. One great advantage of using this payment method is that it is accepted in almost every online casino in USA and other countries too. You can be rest assured that it will not be declined because it is one of the best methods you can use. To know much about visa, visit our Visa casinos page and find out more.?

  2. MasterCard

    MasterCard is Visa card’s greatest competition at the moment. That shows just how big and popular the payment method is.  Just like visa it is also widely accepted at most casinos on the internet. It has established itself as one of the online casino payment method that is reliable and widely accepted.

  3. PaysafeCard

    It is a prepaid card that is also widely used and accepted. Good thing is that it can be topped up at high street retailers.

  4. American Express

    It is the first-class credit card. It has maintained its reputation over the years of being a well-reputed payment method online.

Popular E-Wallets Payment Methods

e-wallets are also another popular payment method used in the digital world. The good thing is that by just creating an account you can store all your information safe. In case you have many cards you can save all your information digitally. You can use the information on the card you want to use once you select the e-wallet method. We are going to talk about some of the best e-wallets that you will find at our top recommended USA online casino sites.

  1. PayPal

    Paypal is one of the most popular and widely used e-wallet methods in the world. It has a great client base and it is trusted too. It is found at many online casinos. However, Neteller and Skrill are the most used at online casinos.  The good thing about using PayPal is the fact that it is trusted, popular and safe. Find out more about this payment method by reading the PayPal method page.

  2. Neteller

    Neteller is a successful start-up payment method. It has not been in the industry for a long time. But it is its flexibility that has made it popular and widely accepted. almost all top and best online casino sites make use of this payment method.

  3. Skrill

    Skrill was known as Moneybookers. It was founded in 2001. Just like Mastercard and Visa card, Skrill is Nettler’s greatest competition at online payments. It is a safe payment method that you can use online. It is regulated by a company in the U.K. if you are looking for a great payment method to use for your online casino payments you can be sure to trust Skrill.

  4. EcoPayz

    EcoPayz is a widely used payment method. It was founded in1999 and it offers different financial services.  You can get many functions with this method than any other payment method. With this method, you have an opportunity to withdraw funds straight to your prepaid debit card which is known as ecoCard. You can use the method to transfer funds to family and friends and also to companies. In the gaming industry, you need not worry as you can also make use of this method without having any problems.

Pay By Phone

Cards and E-wallets are not the only payment methods that one can use to make payments at real money online casino sites. This method is not accepted in all casinos although many have embraced mobile payment methods. However, the casinos we recommend for you make use of this form of payment. Some of the mobile payments methods you can expect to find include:

  1. Zimpler
  2. Boku
  3. Pay For It


Nowadays there are so many casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. There are even cryptocurrency casinos that you can play at if you want to make use of this payment method. What makes this method popular is the fact that it is easy to use, cheap and you don’t have to provide your private details as you transfer finds anonymously. It is not regulated by any government body which is why it is cheap to use. There are two popular cryptocurrency methods that you can use at online casinos.

  1. Bitcoin

    Since its establishment in 2011, Bitcoin has become so popular among users as it gives them control over its value. It is the first decentralized currency in the world. You can buy goods and services online anonymously. You can even fund your online casino account using this method. We have some bitcoin casinos that we recommend for you on this site. You can make use of this payment method at any of the casinos.</li

  2. Etherum

    Etherum is another popular cryptocurrency that players can use at real money sites. It is new unlike bitcoin but it is slowly gaining popularity. This is because it allows for fast transactions even internationally and also you can make payments without having to disclose much about yourself.

Offline Payment Methods

Transferring funds online is not the only available payment method. You can also make use of offline payments. You can go to the bank and have your funds transferred to your account by the bank clerk. There are many offline payments which include bank wires, checks as well as bank drafts.

The process can be a bit boring but the only thing you can do is to visit a financial organization or a bank and give the clerk your funds. Now all you have to do is to wait for the funds to reflect in your online casino account. get to know some of the offline payment methods you can use.

  1. Bank Wire

    Bank wire is a great method because it allows you to transfer funds from one company to the other. You can choose to make use of a bank or a cash office. It is one of the methods favourable for those who want to make offline payments to their online casino accounts.

  2. Echeck

    Echeck is now found at most online casino sites. It is just like paper checks and they have the same use. The only difference is the fact that echecks are electronic, unlike the paper checks.

How To Make Payments At An Online Casino

Since we have talked about payment methods to use online, we may as well talk about the process of depositing using the same methods. Making payments at an online casino is an easy process that is very straight forward. We are going to provide simple steps to make these payments.

  1. Choose your online casino account and sign up or log in if you already have one
  2. When you are in the casino site you now have to navigate your way to the cashier. You can be asked to deposit right away and some casinos you will have to find the cashier page.
  3. Select the payment method that you want to use among the accepted ones available. Each method has different transactions times and also different offers.
  4. Some instructions come on your screen that you will need to follow.
  5. Wait for your deposit to go through as the funds are being processed to your online casino account. it depends on the method but usually, the transaction when you deposit is instant
  6. As soon as your money reflects you can now play your online games for real money and enjoy.


There are many online casino payment methods that you can use online. All of them offers different things and they are secure in their way. It just comes down to your preference as a player. Depending on the method you decide to use some are faster than the others when making withdrawals. Some take 24 hours whilst some take 3-5 days. It is also important to note that the number of payment methods available depends on the country you live in.

Payment Methods FAQs

Making a payment at an online casino is easy.  What you need to do is to visit the casino payment methods page, and follow the instructions that follow. You can just select the amount you want to transfer and follow the instructions. When your funds have been processed you can start enjoying your games.
There are quite a number of payment methods online. Depending with what you prefer you can make use of credit or debit cards, e-wallets as well as pay by phone methods.
Withdrawing times differ with the payment method you choose to make use of. Originally withdrawing takes slightly longer than depositing. However, it is also dependent on the payment method. Some methods are faster and quicker than others these can take 24-48 hours to process. Then some methods can take 3-5 days.
Withdrawal methods differ with the casino you are playing at. There are some methods that you can use at one casino and they will not be accepted at another. Therefore, withdrawal methods may differ with the casino you are playing at.
Often casinos do enforce some limits on withdrawals. Withdrawal limits are the limit of the amount of money that you can withdraw in a specific time or period. In some casinos, there are limits to the amount you can withdraw in a week.
The most important thing when you are choosing a payment method is to make sure you choose a trusted and secure method. you need a method that is approved by authorities and a method that  is comfortable for you.