Real Money Craps Online- A Complete 2021 Guide

Real Money Craps Online- A Complete 2021 Guide

Craps Online
Craps Online

Craps online is one of the most exciting games to play at online casino sites. Playing the game of craps online is not difficult.

You only need to roll the two dice that are in the game. You can find craps online at top online casinos. Also, You can find craps online in both download and no-download casinos.

For a safe gambling experience, we recommend that you choose casinos from our list on this site. Additionally, we make sure to offer our USA craps players nothing but the craps online game that is best.

Getting To Know The Game

Knowing craps online before playing it is important. For some Craps online is a complicated casino game but once you get to know it you realize it’s not as complicated as it looks. Just like other casino games, there are a few things that you need to familiarize yourself with so that you understand the game.

  1. You need to learn the layout of the craps table. Also, craps online table game isn’t as complicated. But of course, after looking at all the lines and words you would think it’s complicated.
  2. First things first the two sides of the table are basically the mirror of each other. So what you find on the other side is the same thing you find on the other.
  3. After mastering the table, you need to understand the lingo so you can communicate with other players better.
  4. The next thing to do is to decide where you would want to place your bet.
  5. Roll the dice and wait for the outcome. That is all for the game.
  6. It is not just one player that rolls dice. Players take turns to roll dice.
  7. The person rolling the dice goes by the name of a shooter. The shooter keeps rolling the dice until he gets a losing combination. He then passes the dice to the next player.

Best Casino Sites USA

There are a lot of craps online casinos that you can try using mobile devices. Additionally, choosing the best one can be a little overwhelming. Additionally, you don’t have to worry because we have already done the job for you.

We review the best Craps online casino sites you can play at. However, we are also offering you some things to look at as you are choosing the best casino to play at.

  1. Payout percentages

    Look for the highest payout percentage. This means that when you wager on a game with 985 you get a payout of 98 % and a casino only gets to profit $2. Moreover, the information is not difficult to see because at the best USA online casinos the information is found on the about page.

  2. Clear betting info

    Craps online is played in two phases. Additionally, some bets are allowed only in the first phase and some in the second. You need to know all about this to avoid making mistakes that will cost you.

    Best sites make this information clear to gamblers. You know bets to place and when to place them too.

  3. Payment Methods

    When you are gambling for real money you need to gamble at a casino that has flexible and fast payment methods. your payouts depend on the casino as well as the method. A good payment method allows you to deposit and withdraw.

    It also has to offer a variety of these payment methods. Some of them include Visa cards, PaySafeCard, PayPal and more.

  4. Customer Support

    Customers should be able to get the help they need whenever they need it at the casino. It is important to look at how customer support of an online casino is before playing.

    They should be able to offer different communication methods. The support should be available 24/7 in case gamblers faces any problems during their gambling time. When you incur a problem playing craps online you can get help anytime.

  5. Licensing And Regulation

    Licenses and regulations prove the legitimacy of an online casino. A casino that has a license proves that it is safe for casinos to gamble at. Also, regulations and auditing are done to make sure that craps online and other casino games are fair and the numbers are generated randomly. Every player has a fair chance to win.

Craps Rules (Placing Bets)

Understanding craps online rules is one way to be better at the game. The first thing to know is that this internet game is played in phases. These are come out roll and point phase. To understand better let us look at each roll.

  1. Come out roll

    The come-out roll is also referred to as craps. This is the first phase when it comes to playing web craps. This means that a player who bets on the pass line loses the game.

    Similarly, anyone betting on the don’t pass line bets wins. They win with a roll of 2 or 3  and also ties. The shooter aims at rolling a 7 or an 11. As long as those numbers are rolled pass line wins.

  2. Point Phase

    To ensure a win on the pass line bet the shooter needs to roll out the same number he got which is not 7, 11, 2,3 or 12 number before rolling number 7. In case of a 7 pass line bets loses, you can bet on the don’t pass wins. If the player rolls out the same number as the one he got at first before a 7 it means he wins.

Understanding Craps Online bets

You may not understand the phases of craps online because it includes bets. That is why we have taken time to explain different betting strategies all USA players can make use of.

There are good and bad bets. Some players may be aware of this but some are not. let s look at some of the best bets you can make use of in your strategy.

  1. Pass Bet

    This happens to be not just the most common bet but the most important bet in craps online has a low house edge of 1.41% making it the best bet game. On the table there is an area that is marked pass line where you make this bet, this bet is made before the come-out roll.

    So during the first throw if you make a 7 or an 11 that means you have won. similarly, if you make a 2, 3 or 12 it means you have lost your wager. If you get any number that is not mentioned there it means it goes to your box point. To win it means you have to roll out the same number before rolling out a 7.

  2. Don’t Pass Bet

    This bet is placed on the don’t pass bar area found on the table. In this bet, you are simply betting against the outcome of the bet. In other words, it is the opposite of the pass line bet.

    So if you roll out a 7 or an 11 it means you have lost. And if you roll a 2 or a 3 it means you have won. Getting a 12 however means you did not win and you did not lose.  Any other number that is not these means a box point.

  3. Come Bet

    Come bet is similar to pass line bet. The outcome and everything else. The difference is that this particular bet is placed after a point has been made.

  4. Don’t Come Bet

    Now it is the opposite when it comes to bets. You need to roll a 7 before rolling the same number you got before.

    If you roll at a 7 first you have won. However, if you roll out the same number you got before you roll out a 7 you lose.

  5. Odds Bet

    This is one bet that most online casinos don’t indicate. This side bet is made to add on to original can make this bet any time after the point has been made. Although the bets are not marked on the table it does not necessarily mean that you can’t place the bet.

    Worst bets include field bet, big 6 and big 8 as well as horn and any 7. These are some of the worst bets when you are playing craps online.

Online Craps Vs Offline Craps

There are many differences when you compare online and offline craps. And these differences are the reasons why some players prefer gambling online than offline.

Online craps are much quieter. Considering that its a dice game played by many players you hear a lot of noise, shouting and everything. When you are playing online you get quiet and peaceful gambling and it helps you concentrate more.

Craps online gives the player a faster playing than in live casinos. You have control of the screen. Hence you can press buttons that skip visualizations and other things.

Such that you can get straight to the results. The dice rolls at your pace, the sounds, and animations you have control over. Which is why we said it gives a faster playout.

Unlike offline where you are not relaxed in fear of being cheated on the table, online craps give gamblers a feeling of relaxation. You can just sit relax and gamble your way to your riches in a relaxing environment.


Free Online Craps

Best USA craps online casinos offer free online craps. Additionally, this is a good chance for players to learn the game. Playing free craps games is a good way for gamblers especially new ones to learn and practice.

With this mode, players are not worried about signing in or registering. you dint need to give out your personal or banking details like you do when playing for real money. Also, you can just enjoy the games and strengthen your skills with no fear of losing your money.

Craps Online History

His game is a version of the 14th-century die game known as hazard. It was most popular in France and during the 18th century, it was brought to the US  by a french aristocrat.

It then became very popular among the American people. The game was then modified with some things being added like the don’t pass bets. Now, these changes have made the game what it is today and the game is played in most online casinos all over the world.

Because of its easy rules, it keeps attracting players such that this has become one of the loved online casino games.


Craps is one of the best online casino games online. All you need to do is to understand the rules and how to play. this will help you understand the game and play better.

Visit any of the casinos we recommend for the best Craps online gameplay. The casinos are safe, secure and offer the best gameplay.

Craps Online Faqs

[accordiongroup id=”13″][accordion group=”13″ title=”what is the come bet?” active=”true”]A come bet is a bet that is similar to pass line bet.

The only difference is that this bet can only be done after a point has been already made. You are ensured a win when the shooter rolls out a 7 or an 11. But id the shooter rolls out a 2,3 or 12 it means you have lost.

[/accordion][accordion group=”13″ title=”Is it possible to play without becoming the shooter?” active=””]It is not possible to play without becoming the shooter if you are playing online craps.

But that is where the fun is getting to throw the dice on your own. You will be much calmer as you don’t have to worry about a lot of players looking at you.

But if you are playing offline yes you can play without throwing the dice.

[/accordion][accordion group=”13″ title=”How do I win at Craps Online?” active=””]The best way to win is to be smarter. Make use of good betting strategies to win. Understand the rules and the table layout so that you know exactly what you are doing.

Learn to avoid worst bets and stick to the best bets like pass line don’t pass line, come and don’t come bet. Additionally, these increase your winning odds.

[/accordion][accordion group=”13″ title=”How can I find the best Craps online Casino?” active=””]You can find the best online craps casinos on our craps page.

We have a list of the best casinos for all USA players.  Additionally, you are guaranteed a safe, secure and fair gambling experience.

You don’t have to worry about being scammed as we have ensured that the online casino sites we list are the best.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]